Safety Line

She's got to want to see
The man I can make of me and
I've got to learn to let love in again
I've got a history
Of shying from intimacy
We've got to fight to make amends
Now the chips are down and I'm coming around

Ooh, I
can't hide the shape I'm in
When I'm walking over water
with the ice getting thin
Ooh, I'm
out on borrowed time
I could choose to make a noose or a safety line
And she's thrown me a line
this time

I've got to want to see
Where fantasy blinded me and
She's got to take what I can give of me
She made it clear to me
I'm sick of my own company
We've got to fight to make amends

I could concede defeat
I could swallow my pride, walk away from my losing streak
She could succeed and we could be fine
But like I was born to compete
I got caught in the tide and it carried me out to the deep
She could take me on board and could unwind