Monkey Boy

Get out of bed they said
Get up and leave your life led
You've got to get it got together, God knows
These days leave with no crescendos

I don't think I'll be trying to work I said
I might just live right off the trees instead
But had I wept or crept or bled yet?
No, as you may of suspected!
I called that free
I called that free
I called that free and it's all for me
Now I see, yeah, now I see


To live or die for to laugh or cry
or any reason not to go get wasted
They said I had tasted grace for free
for free,
for free and it's all for me
now I see, oh, now I see


Then it all got better
I fell in love, I let her
Hold my heart and soul
I know I told her not to go

All I really wanted was to be set free...