Collateral Damage

Flashes explode on my flat TV screen
Two commentators explain what they mean
A man with a clip mic, a tie and a hair piece
A girl with an inch of foundation and straight teeth
Are giving it straight to my side of the world
I turn up the volume and watch it unfurl

Fireballs flair in the dead of the night
Surround speakers thunder, then suddenly quiet
Satellites bringing it live to my room
Break for commercials and then it resumes
When the girl does her best to explain our position
I struggle in need of revised definitions
She says that the flames raining down from the sky
that I'd taken for bombs are just ordinance right?

My dictionary is not aiding me
Enemy combatant's not under E
From what I can make out nobody's been hurt
It's just buildings and statues were leveled to dirt
The girl shakes her hair, the man straightens his tie
Erroneous facts aren't the same as a lie
According to them and the latest reports
This is not really war, just a conflict of sorts

Thank God thank God nobody was hurt
And technology saved any blood getting spilled
Thank God thank God I believe what they say
And that under those flashes no families lay
Sleeping, then screaming in terror and pain
No sister was blinded, no rooms wrapped in flames
No mothers legs were blown from their sockets
while nobodies baby was choking on vomit
No one was hurt, there's no need to panic
No one was killed, just collateral damage